Mercedes-Benz W177 A Class 7 Piece Front Aero Kit

Mercedes-Benz W177 A Class 7 Piece Front Aero Kit

£ 295.00 Excluding VAT

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The Mercedes-Benz front aerodynamics Kit is the ultimate factory fitted option when configuring your car. At Automotive Passion we have designed and manufactured the exact same aerodynamic kit in gloss black which may be fitted to your A35 and AMG line cars. Not only does this kit provide an aggressive look but also improves driving stability and handling characteristics.The kit consists of 7 gloss black parts at a very affordable price.

We recommend that you engage the services of a professional when attaching the aerodynamic Kit.

Contents include:

x7 Aero kit Pieces


A Class W177 AMG Line from 2018.

A Class W177 A35 AMG from 2018.




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