Mercedes-Benz A45 Pre Fl Front And Rear Aerodynamic Flicks (Gloss Black)

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The Automotive Passion front and rear aero dynamic kit is an aggressive and stylish addition to the Mercedes-Benz A45 Pre Facelift model.

Product Description

The front and rear Mercedes-Benz Aerodynamic Kit is a factory fitted option when ordering your new car. At Automotive Passion we have designed and produced the exact same aerodynamic kit in gloss black which may be fitted to all A Class vehicles. The kit includes 4 front aero flicks as well as 2 rear aero flicks at a very affordable price.

We recommend that you engage the services of a professional when attaching the Aerodynamic Kit.

Contents include:

x4 front aero flicks/canards.

X2 rear aero flicks.


A Class W176 A45 from 2013.

A Class W176 AMG Line from 2013.


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