Audi Exhaust Valve Controller RX1 Audi (AE2 8V)

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Product Description

Flap control RX2 for Audi vehicles with two electric exhaust flaps (type AE2 8V)

  • Audi S3 8V
  • Audi S3 8V Facelift
  • Audi RS3 8V
  • Audi RS3 8V Facelift
  • Audi TTRS MK3

    With this control unit you have the opportunity to manually switch your exhaust flaps. You get full control over your vehicle sound! Control is standard with a hand-held transmitter. Advantages compared to competing products Control independent of Drive Select You decide on the vehicle sound and not the inserted driving profile Correct series mode (module deactivated) also beyond the vehicle start Important for visits to the workshop, service or MOT. Freely programmable start mode You decide for yourself on the sound when starting the vehicle No intervention in the CAN bus No danger to other control units No influence of software updates on the function of our controller Plug and play with original plugs No damage to the original cables, no use of power thieves.


Start mode: The start mode describes in which mode the device should start after switching on the ignition. In the standard configuration, the device saves the last set mode and restores it when the vehicle starts up. If you want a specific mode at startup, regardless of how you have parked your vehicle, this can be programmed. The start mode can be freely programmed as desired:

Last state: Press the button for the “Sport mode” within 5 seconds 5 times. Other modes: Press the button for the mode you want to teach as the start mode for about 10 seconds. The flaps open and close 5 times to confirm successful start mode programming.


Fitment: The installation is plug and play in the footwell behind the A-pillar trim (instructions see download area). Assembly time approx. 10-15 Mins

Other features Can be retrofitted at any time without any traces. Independent system without intervention in the CAN bus No error message.

The transmitter is very  High quality and noble look finished in brushed stainless steel. This device has been specially developed for use on electric flap systems and thus provides safe and permanent operation.  

Hints: No approval in the StVO Only for use in racing At full load the flaps should not be completely closed Installation at your own risk For damages no liability is assumed.

Product Made in Germany!


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