Audi R8 Gen 2 Carbon Fibre Fuel Cap

Audi R8 Gen 2 Carbon Fibre Fuel Cap

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Replace your standard chrome fuel cap with our AP Full Dry Carbon Fibre Replacement fuel cap. Fuel cap is an exact match to the Carbon Fibre weave on the original side panels.

The AP R8 carbon fuel flap is a direct replacement for the original Chrome cap. Fitment is straight forward, original cap is held in place with double sided tape. Using a heat gun/hairdryer will allow the cover to be removed from the base housing. Once the surface is clean, simply installs back in place with 3M tape included. 


1x Audi R8 Carbon Fibre Fuel Cap


  • Audi R8 Gen 2 Coupe – 2015 onwards.
  • Audi R8 Gen 2 4s.

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